Reminiscence of life

When you sun, after seeing your
Beloved ‘sea’ for days, years and centuries
Can’t get satisfied and come again
To see them every morning. Then how
Can I; who see my girl for a minute or
A second or a glimpse can get satisfaction.

Oh almighty sun, is this fair that
One strong lover like you gets all the right
To see your queens for ever and I because of
My weakness’ doesn’t get that chance.
Oh lord sun can we do like this; shall we
Change our character.

You see your love for a moment and
give me the chance to inhale ‘my love’ completely
in me for one whole day. Ok.

Wait; will my thirst for her end in one day?
If not, don’t worry sun god we shall change
Our character every day till I get satisfaction.

And for your saying that “I have ‘five’ sweet hearts
To look after so I am given that much time”, I
Tell you look at my girls eyes with your mask of
Rainy season and tell whether or not there
Lies the passion, the feeling equal to
Twice the number of darlings you have.
Now tell me then how much time
I need to look at her.

Diagnose my queen carefully and
Tell whether your Indian, Atlantic,
Pacific, Artic and Antarctic
Are as beautiful as she is?

Now simply don’t argue. I know
That for every one their love is
Great and you can’t win over my love.
Just tell me whether or not you can help.
If can’t, then go… go and die there
Where you were born.

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