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I first saw him at the Freedom Park, Bangalore. It was the day one of Anna Hazare’ fast unto death’ at Jantar Mantar in Delhi to press for his demand for passing of the Lokpal bill by Parliament.

He was a typical college student, may be he was studying for his bachelors degree, a fiery youngster with ambition in his eyes and a desire in his heart to do something for the country.

In a loud voice, he, along with his friends, was shouting slogans in support of Anna’s anti- corruption movement —Anna tum aage bado hum tumare sath hai… (Anna we are with you in this fight).The customized T-shit with words ‘corruption is the cancer of society’ added more meaning to his revolt.

On day two and three the boy came back again to the freedom park that had by now transformed into a hub for the supporters of Anna’s movement. People from all over Bangalore were pouring in and atmosphere was charged.

This time he and his friends were filled with more enthusiasm than on first day.

They were proudly adorning white T-shirts which had imprints ‘I am Anna’ with a caricature of the ‘second Gandhi’ on the back. They sat with the group and raised the slogans against the corrupt politicians. He had bunked his classes for the cause.

On the fourth day of the protest, in a hurry to take part in the movement, the boy along with his two friends rode on a single Honda Activa and that too without a helmet on. And as expected of the Bangalore traffic police, they where stopped by the cops and asked to pay fine.

Triple riding and riding without helmet is a punishable offence in our state and our hero was guilty of both. But what transpired next was both shocking and disappointing for instead of paying a fine for his mistake, he paid Rs 50 bribe to the cop after a long… long bargain.

By evening the news had spread that Anna won the battle and was to break his fast the next day. The three inspired youngsters dutifully turned up for celebrations at the Park. Next day when sweets were distributed to all, our young crusader swallowed them and raised his voice to say “Anna tum aage bado hum tumare sath hai…”

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