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Imagine: A honeymoon room. Only a 12 volt CFL tube light is lit in a highly decorated lampshade. In a traditional ways the bed is decorated with the petals of roses and jasmines. To the right of the bed all the seasonal fruits are placed in a silver plate. A bunch of lighted Agarbathi’s are placed in a corner, the scent of which has already covered the entire room.

The bride has already entered the room and is briskly walking up and down clutching her hands in anxiety! The door slowly opens, making that irritating but yet “romantic” sound. Groom decorated in all white with a glass of milk in hand and with kilos of shyness in eyes and lips is pushed into the room by the fellow men who accomplished him.

The groom hesitates to walk towards the decorated cot. The Bride with all her pomp nears him. The man bends, touches her feet. Holding the shoulders of the man she straightens him. He takes his Tali that was hung on his broad chest and presses it against his eyes. The lady cups his cleanly shaven face into her palms and kisses. The lights go off and scene is cut!

Scene next Hospital Nine months latter: The lady is on the delivery bed and her man is on the bed next to her. Four nurses are holding his legs and hand. He is having a sever labor pain!

Now stop imagining and come to reality!

The honeymoon setting was one of the scenes from the Telugu Movie “Jamba Lakidi Pamba”(1993). The theme of the film is as crazy as the title is. This out of the box film directed by E.V.V Satyanarayana has two thing to prove, 1. Why the nature has designed and set certain typical characters to men and women and the other most important point, the need for equality of men and women in the society.

At no point of time in this 3 hour 12 mins movie you find any logic (who cares for logic when one cannot hold their stomach from bursting out of laugh. The movie is an out and out comedy) and yet the film enlightens us about one of the most important lessons of every day life- the suffering of women in the hands of their husband, son, in-laws and men in general.

The storyline

Aamani, the heroin of the movie, hates the atrocity and suppression meant on the women by men. A “pink” paper flies from nowhere and crashes on the face of her every time she encounters a man committing a “crime on woman.” The pink page directs Aamani to a cave near Vishakapatanam, a port city in Andra Pradesh, where a sadhvi after years of meditation and experiment has invented a solution—Jamba Lakidi Pamba—that would change the rule of the nature. Men would act as women and vis-a- vis.

The lead lady of the film mixes that Jamba Lakidi Pamba in the water tank and that causes all the changes.

Men are “forced” into the kitchen. Women work in garages and field. If Men are interested in drawing rangoli in their house front yard, women are busy in gambling. All the typical things that men are associated with are done by women, like asking dowry, burning of ‘son-in-law’, Adam teasing, rape … so on so forth. And the most important of all is—during pregnancy—if a woman delivers a child the pain is borne by men!

The film takes a great twist when the Hero (Naresh) and Heroin comes to know that the original solution was adulterated with another solution by the student of that Sadhvi, which meant that the affects of Jamba Lakidi Pamba stays only for one month.

After the first month, the adults would become children and vis-a vis. This condition stays for 1 day. Next change is conversion of body organs- that is men will have all the secret organs of woman and woman will have mustache, for the next one hour. Within that period if the affected people are not given the anti Jamba lakidi Pamba : PambO lakidi JambO, All men would remain as woman forever and vis-à-vis. But this is a film and has to end in a happy note- The hero and heroin fights hard with the villains and correct the ‘mistake’ done by Jamba Lakidi Pamba.

By now most of the feminists’, reading this article, would have desired that the effects of Jamba Lakidi pamba to be permanent on this world. Forgetting that “with every power gained people (Men or women) tend to misuse them rather than putting that to good use. The need of the hour is not interchange of the power but equilibrium of sexes.

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