Reminiscence of life

History is proof that
No dam had ever held the
Advent of river.
Flood is my desire!
Hold hand, cut my fingers
But you can not stop me
From doing what I wish.
I am born just to win and
Have understood this after loosing.

The molten desire is so lava
That it will find a way out.
How the hell will you stop?

From Clouds to the making of Ice
Was my patience… now I don’t let
The Vapor to reach clouds. Frustration
And suffocation has become order of the
Day for me.

I ask you
Who are you to decide for me?
What I have to be and
What I need to do?

I wish to fight! With the weapon
Mightier than Sword
So don’t handcuff me.
Once, give a chance to be ‘ME’
And see, what colors of glories I
Stamp. I know life is not a game;
To have a substitute—I wish to be a
Legend and I have to turn every page by myself.

Pavan Kumar H.

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