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What not I wish to do with my first salary! But the world is not for sale; else I would have purchased it. I know, I cannot, but there are something’s that ‘My salary can buy’ and for everything else, my dad has given me his ATM card.

Serious things apart, let me come to the most funniest part. My first salary is, Indian Rupee 12,500 and after all the deduction I get Rs. 11,590 in hand. (Quite a lot!)

Staying in Bangalore is cheap provided you are ready to stay on railway platform, bus stand and footpath. If you are not ready for that, then nearly half of your salary will drown in paying house rent. I stay as paying guest in BTM layout, which is considered to be the Heaven for PG’s. I don’t the reason, but I know that there are many PG’s in this area and especially (You guessed it right) --working women’s.

Food is another thing that sucks. You don’t get a healthy food most of time and who needs that when unhygienic are so tasty to eat. Removing all those expenditures I thought of saving at-least Rs. 2000 per month. (Time will tell how much I will borrow from my father!)

This being my first salary I thought of doing something ‘BIG’. With the pay-slip in hand, I wished to run to my place, and place that at my parents feet, thought of taking blessings! Dropped that idea, saying its old fashion. Next in thought was to present them costly dresses, I know it does not work well (as it would be one among the hundreds that my father has presented to us). I want to do something special… a memorable one!

Fifteen days have passed in thinking what to be done with my first salary? But could not come up with anything! Can you please help me in deciding? What to be done with my first salary? What did you do with your First salary?

*please note: Before finalizing something, think about my salary too; I need to survive after that!


why don't you give a party to all of us? Don't you think, its better than all of your oldy ones.

i agree with sudarshan. or even easier you dont need to think too much on where to give the party etc. u can just donate the money to us. simple! and oh Pavan ou will very much survive if u give us the money

Sruthi: Time is the most precious gift you can give anybody. Just go to your place for the weekend and spend some decent time with your parents. You need not buy them the costliest things on planet earth they don't even expect that. Give them small little things and they will cherish it forever.

Take them for dinner pay the bill.. ( and see the pride in your dad's eyes)
If at all you need to pay for one of the household items... just do it ( see the happiness in your mum's eyes)
and when it comes to your sister go ask her directly what she wants and i am sure she will ask Something within your budget and give her the same... ( she would only move a step closer to you)

Personally, you can give them all the costly things all your life... this is the time to make them realize that u r EARNING!! ( in a subtle way that they will be proud of the fact).... Just let the emotion work for this time...

Hope this helps u... :)

Ralph Frammolino: "Take them out for a really nice meal. That will be celebration enough. They just want to see you happy!"

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