Reminiscence of life

Feelings… feelings
The parameter of heart’s health,
And a catalyst to crater the mind.

What a soothing feel is it to
Hold beloved’s soft hand and mop it.
Tasting the flavor of her lips with
The tongue.
Holding her waist and strolling
In the sun setting lane.
The way she makes you feel
That you are her ultimate support
By placing her head on your shoulder,
On chest, on lap.

What a strong feel it is to know
That for all those jokes that no one had
Last laughed, but still put her heart out
Only for the sake that “you said that”.

All these, create a life supporting system
During the last breath out.

And there are other feelings, which make
To breathe last, before you have inhaled
The first in love.
A Simple truth, from the same girl
“I have no feeling for you.”

Pavan Kumar H.

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