Reminiscence of life

Victory… triumph
I have …I have won
Over my enemy.
Who either was kept cold
In three feat six feat below soil or
Burnt like a camphor; but
For residue, to solute in river.

What ever may it be. I have
And I have won over him.
We both had tussled in the
Tug of business. What if he
Had won then. But now… I have
I have.

A tear flows out now
When I hear his name , as had
Not he been there; I would not know
The flavor of victory. Agony has
Filled my heart now.

Its not that I will not have enemies
Any more. I will still fight with this
Soul. But I have lost a chance of ‘one’ win over him.
Now tell me have I won or…

Pavan kumar.H
02 may 07

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