Reminiscence of life

On your birthday honey;
I wanted to gift you
‘The sea’ of bounties.
But feared; it may ‘drown’ you
So left it.

Then thought of the
Morning ‘sun’s’ first rays
But the pleasure would be ‘finite’
As the time passes; it may burn you.
so I left it.

Next came to my mind was
‘The full moon’s’ glow.
But the glean would ‘vanish’
When no moon day comes, which may hide you.
so I left it.
Last but one thought that came
To me was, the siblings of plants.
But the nib would detach as it
Grows, and may separate me from you
So I left it.

Honey… even I am poor,
To buy you all worlds pleasure.
But one thing I can, which even
The nature could satisfy you, is
A small mansion called ’my heart’
So I am gifting it you.

My heart will never drown you,
Neither my love would be finite
Nor my desire vanish. I promise you,
I will never detach from you
Till ‘my’ end comes.

She was hardly thirteen. In a
Torn blue gown had stretched
Her self on a cloth in the
Railway station lane of the port city.

Few metallic currency of my country
Was scattered around her. Hard to
Tell whether those lovely dead eyes were
Looking this world.

She was fine to look. Just
Her leg were disproportion to
Her body.

“Begging is a offence in my
Country”- A stout man
In uniform and stick scrolled
Near her to pouched all the alms.

The passer by said: “this was routine”.
Not a drop of water melted from her eyes.

But what happened next brought
Floods even in my heart and eyes.

Two stooped men, full drunken
In the name of console-ling
Felt all her hidden organs, another man peeped
Through the windows of dress.

Even then her eyes did not get wet.

Her mother came pushing both the
Loafers aside. Lifted the ‘child’ in arms.
The eyes still gazed in the same direction
Where the governments advertisement
Was hung- let us eradicate polio.

“There is no point in leaving her now.

She deserve this treatment; I shall

Smash her with acid tomorrow” this is what

I said to the image in mirror.

Does not it know how I am?

But still tried to convinced that I

Still love her.

It is fool to think so; why should

I love her now when she is others,

Though not legally, but still she is others.

It changed its tone and said ‘leave her

When she do not wish to be yours. Who the

Hell are you to decide for her’?

I am not in mood to listen you, I have decided

That and I shall not amend it. She was mine, she is,

She must be mine and only mine.

The paper weight thrown by ‘ME’

Broke my inner soft image.

The College chemistry lab

Had what I needed- concentrated sulfuric acid.

She came as usual- inspiring; near and more

Near to me, to suffering.

At a striking distance was she.

SHE SMILED and the acid fell ...

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