Reminiscence of life

On your birthday honey;
I wanted to gift you
‘The sea’ of bounties.
But feared; it may ‘drown’ you
So left it.

Then thought of the
Morning ‘sun’s’ first rays
But the pleasure would be ‘finite’
As the time passes; it may burn you.
so I left it.

Next came to my mind was
‘The full moon’s’ glow.
But the glean would ‘vanish’
When no moon day comes, which may hide you.
so I left it.
Last but one thought that came
To me was, the siblings of plants.
But the nib would detach as it
Grows, and may separate me from you
So I left it.

Honey… even I am poor,
To buy you all worlds pleasure.
But one thing I can, which even
The nature could satisfy you, is
A small mansion called ’my heart’
So I am gifting it you.

My heart will never drown you,
Neither my love would be finite
Nor my desire vanish. I promise you,
I will never detach from you
Till ‘my’ end comes.

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