Reminiscence of life

“There is no point in leaving her now.

She deserve this treatment; I shall

Smash her with acid tomorrow” this is what

I said to the image in mirror.

Does not it know how I am?

But still tried to convinced that I

Still love her.

It is fool to think so; why should

I love her now when she is others,

Though not legally, but still she is others.

It changed its tone and said ‘leave her

When she do not wish to be yours. Who the

Hell are you to decide for her’?

I am not in mood to listen you, I have decided

That and I shall not amend it. She was mine, she is,

She must be mine and only mine.

The paper weight thrown by ‘ME’

Broke my inner soft image.

The College chemistry lab

Had what I needed- concentrated sulfuric acid.

She came as usual- inspiring; near and more

Near to me, to suffering.

At a striking distance was she.

SHE SMILED and the acid fell ...

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