Reminiscence of life

Like the tree, which
Unsounded and contentedly
Drown in the intimate hug of
A parasite creeper.

Like a crow, which
Undiscriminating and Caringly
Aliment a Cuckoo’s child
Unknowingly that it’s not hers.

Like the beach, which
Waits and moist its
Eyes, for the waves, even after
Water retrieved to the sea.

Like the thread, which
Burns and illuminates others
Along with the wax
In the utter darkness

Was how I loved ‘Some one’

For me,
To die a painless death like the
Tree is a privilege. To care
Some one like a crow does,
Was a bestowed feeling. To recollect
The past, like the millions of sand on shore
Was an honor for lifetime. And the
Acknowledgement, that I gave some one light and
Warmth is beyond any explanation.

But love for her was

She was lit-candle and I the
Light-attracted insect.
Every time my wings caught fire
And I still crawled to watch her glowing.

Her skin was decorated
Like the insectivorous flower’s
Sepals, and I like a bug
Tried to rest in her arms.

Love may never lead to
Death, but a lover can!

--Pavan Kumar H

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